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Princess Day Castle Hoke

For future we are planning on having 1 Princess Day every 1st weekend of the month in combination with a Costume Play and a Medieval Fair.

As for the Princess Day there will be a Princess for each month and at the end of the year there will be a calendar available featuring all the princesses from the prier year.

The idea about P. Day is to have fun and it does not matter if you are 1 year old or 85+. 
If you feel like you want to be a Princess for that day than so be it. There is a Princess in every little girl or woman so please come out and let us see her.

We do not have any Photos available to this point but will put some here after after the first event.

Now. in the future the Castle grounds will be open from April 01 to November 15 and than close for the season but we will select in April 4 Princesses. One for January, February, March and April and in November 2 for the Moth of November and December so we have a total of 12. One for each month.

The Castle grounds will be open for Christ Kindle Mart in December 1 week before Christmas and than close again untill Aprill 1st.

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